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Foremost Poets




The Richard Long Theory

Foremost Poets - Flowers In The Attic

Foremost Poets - Flowers In The Attic

Release Date: November 2018

Foremost Poets pays homage to a man who is no myth. From the mid 70s to now, Richard Long's award winning sound theory makes a breathtaking impact on the loud speaker experience. Richard's unprecedented soundsystem not only changed music, but it changed how and why music is made. Music makers young and old, unmastered demos, mastered promos foreign & domestic would test their music on Richard Long & Associates soundsystem to see if their final mix held up to expectation. Richard Long made music, made careers, made legends, made memories, made magic & just made sense. The Foremost Poets holds high praise to one of the most unsung scientist in music history with this upcoming album.


Reviewed by SammyRock aka Soul Oasis.  
Cyberjamz Radio/Records.  
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The "Richard Long Theory Sampler" - by Foremost Poets. 

I was sent this about two weeks ago, just haven't the chance to do many reviews as of late but today, but I had to review this fantastic upcoming release "Flowers in the Attic" (Remixes) off the "The "Richard Long Theory" by Johnny Dangerous - Foremost Poets. 

In the first release offered is a fantastic piece entitled "Flowers In The Attic" of which is a unique futuristic musical and vocal journey. I really dislike comparing artist but think Jamiroquai on a whole other level, Johnny Dangerous style has always been one of unique flavor and is definitely a cross-over package in my opinion. This album should be in your collection. Listening to both versions of "Flowers In The Attic" are simply wonderful in their own right. Moving right along we have the hypnotizing cut "Funkmaster" (Grow), a beautiful number with all the right elements including an awesome electric guitar breakdown and electronic keyboard samples make this a fave for me.

Keeping things moving we come across "My Circle" (The Danceoff), this cut is a hot display of music with an added spoken word poem delivered by the man himself as as he is well known for... his lyrics. The story told is one we are all familiar with, those club circles dancers so love when they hear a jam.. Chalk this one up as another fave of mine off this banging album. Next up we have the afro - house inspired piece "Exaltation", a wonderful full vocal cut with meaning as this track demonstrates how gifted as a writer and composer Foremost Poets is and has been since his first release a decade ago.. This version also comes with an awesome "Dub Mix" to boot. Meanwhile another jam cut off this package is "Don't Shut Your Eyes", a dope broken-beat cut that will make you bop yo head and stomp yo feet; 

Let's put this in the win column and add it as another fave for me. This will be a serious album and highly recommended. 

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